onsdag, april 07, 2010

like an elevator


If we can stop fighting each other long enough for us to see that;
that we are stronger together than separate.
Babe, you gotta believe that
But you love me today, don't want me around tomorrow.
Every time you change your mind;
I follow, caught up, all up in your maze and I'm so dizzy.
Can't keep going back and forth on these waves,
I'm getting sea sick.

And I feel like we're speaking two different languages;
it's hard to read you.
But I know if you at least try to make it half way,
I swear that I'll meet you.
But we can't have a conversation without beefing,
yellin' back and forth for no good reason.
I won't let you leave and you keep asking me to stay,
one of us better figure out what we want;
cause I'm getting a headache!

Cuz we go up, and we go down - like an elevator.
We touch the sky and touch the ground - like an elevator
You're stuck on one while I'm pressing three,
then we end up on the fourth floor and then we disagree.

And I wanna know if we can go back
to the days when we was close ..

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